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Trust and learn your KPI.
What can I do to reduce my churn? Which target to increase my CLTV? Is my new product growing my MRR faster?

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Why Use Churn hero?

Automate your SaaS KPI and create value to refine your strategy.

KPI you can trust

Churn hero provides auditable KPIs from all your invoices. MRR, customer growth and contraction, revenue and customer Churn, ARPU and CLTV...

Analyse your KPIs

Compare each KPI with customer segmentation to direct your growth strategy.

Track and check

Monitor your goals and follow-up the application of your strategy.

Our Pricing

One size does not fit all.




Up to 10K€ of MRR

+25/month for each 10K€ of MRR.

All SaaS KPIs


Goal tracking

Standard integrations

Unlimited users





Without MRR limit

Everything from premium, plus :

Onboarding support

Dedicated CSM

Customized KPIs

Loved by SaaS founders

❝ We have dreamt of automatic trustable KPIs that help us make decisions. Churnhero goes even further than that. ❞

We really love making sense of data.

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